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Our committed health professionals provide personalized holistic care that heals your body as a whole and improves your living so you feel your best always.


Welcome to My

AEP Health Clinic

We heal both your mind and body with a blend of cutting-edge modern science, evidence-based therapies, and a holistic approach.

AEP treatments health and fitness

Health & Fitness

Harmonize your mind, soul, and body with effective health and fitness exercises hand-picked for you.

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Massage Therapy

Achieve optimal health, eliminate chronic pain, and relieve stress with our various massage therapies.

AEP treatments health and fitness

 dry needling

Receive the gift of wellness by relieving muscle tension, improving blood flow, & boosting cell repair.

AEP Health and Wellness

Effective personal exercise prescription programs to gainback your health and fitness

Specialized at prescribing personalised exercise plans for all conditions irrespective of age, illness or injury. Clinical exercise physiologists provide physical activity and behavior change support for clients living with chronic conditions.

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Holistic Designer Testimonial

Health is not valued until sickness comes


The Benefits of Treatment with My AEP Health Clinic


Get true healing at the deepest level with treatment that focuses on root causes rather than reducing symptoms.


No one size fits all with care. Our treatment plans are based on in-depth diagnostics of your unique situation.


We are passionate about helping you achieve optimal wellness and becoming a healthier version of yourself.

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Health & Fitness

AEP Health Clinic

Initial Consultation

Our Exercise Physiologist will always commence with a one on one consultation to review your medical history, physical limitations and personal requirements that assist with prescribing a suitable exercise plan. The plan may include regular reviews, regular functional re-assessments, in clinic and or home based exercise programs. Each plan will vary and will be individually tailored to personal requirements.

Health & Fitness Assessment

If practical to do so, our Clinical Exercise Physiologist will undertake base line measures of functional variables such as aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, balance, core strength and resting metabolic rate, to help monitor progress, review program effectiveness and assist with motivation.

AEP Health Clinic

Follow Up Consultation

As our patients, we become a partner in your wellness. We’ll share as much as we can about our thought process so you understand our approach, both in the short and long term. We also encourage you to stay on track by updating you on your progress since your initial consultation. Our follow-up consultations will allow us to measure your response and adjust accordingly. We can also send reports to your doctor if need be.


Home Exercise plan

We tailor your fitness programs to be easily incorporated into your daily routines and lifestyle. Our physiologists provide you with personalized exercise plans that you can carry out in the comfort of your home. Even when you return home after in-house sessions with us, we encourage ‌you to continue working on yourself and away from pain. We believe that fitness is a lifestyle and we’ll help you adopt it.


Look forward to hearing from you

Experience a different, more efficient and natural type of medicine.

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